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by Jesse on January 14, 2013

What do you do with your photos these days? The time of the digital camera. A few years ago when I attended Ashley’s snapshop class she recommended mypublisher.com for photobooks. What a great idea! I loved the thought of having my photos preserved in a coffee table style book. Like ART! So starting in 2011, I was finally organized enough to get my first one printed. LOVE!

When I made my first book, I organized all of my photos into one file folder (on my computer) and at the end of the year arranged them, and created our book. This last year, I changed it up. I was able to every month or couple of months go in a add photo and create pages. Once you download the mypublisher software, it saves the pages you have already finished… all year!

Thought I would share a few shots of our book. You might recognize the cover shot. Also showing is our book from last year.

The kids first trip to Build A Bear.

One of my favorite pages is a hiking trip we took. Where the kids made a list of all the neat things we found on our walk. I took little close ups of some of the things and made a fun page labeling each of them.

Blair’s first year of dance!

Welcoming summer! My favorite!

I included our Christmas card and snippets of Elvis our Elf and his shenanigans!

This year I included A LOT of our Instagram photos. I love IG and how it can capture the little bits of our day that I might not be able to get.

I highly recommend this project being on your list for 2013. Something you won’t regret!

Love to you all!


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