A Day in the Life of a Girly Girl

by Jesse on November 3, 2011

Having two brothers I am sure has something to do with how much wrestling goes on in our home. So there is always some kind of match going. Blair has seriously been asking if she can wrestle this year. Well, all 34.6 pounds of her I am sure could put all kinds of hurt on someone. hehe

Beating daddy in a match… all in a days work!

The face of Victory!

What girl doesn’t need goggles while digging up her mommies backyard?

Scaling large blow up rock walls… no sweat!

A game of cars anyone?

Or maybe a paper mustache?

Oh look… a girly moment. Lounging with her magazine and sunglasses. LOL!

Gotta love my little tomboy and wouldn’t have her any other way!

Love you Blair!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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