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by Jesse on February 2, 2011

We are all snowed in here. The worst snow since they started keeping records in1905. So, no better day than today to share with you some little touches I’ve been doing around the house. I meant to get some of these to you last week, but my sick little ones detoured me. We have a small love seat in our bedroom that has needed something over it for quite some time. I have put different things over it before but I am really liking this arrangement. I still have a couple of frames to fill.

I got the drawers in my vanity lined with fabric. Love the personality it gives.

Do you remember that stool I showed you that would get a coat of paint and act as my vanity seat for now.Well it dawned on me that I hadn’t shared that with you either. Here it is. A grey paint on the legs and a faux fur top.

Here is a photo of how I hung the kids hand prints that we made during the twins birthday party from last summer.
I attached the pins to the wall using those command strips. That way when I’m tired of this look and want to remove them from the wall. I can take the photo out of the clip and pull the end of the strip and they will release from the wall without damage. =)

Hope you are having a terrific day today. And I hope you are not snowed

in too. =)

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