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by Jesse on November 6, 2011

C H R I S T M A S ?

I am Christmas crazy this year! I am already so excited. I have the majority of my gifts purchased. Half of them wrapped and am SO ready to decorate!

There is something so magical about the season and I love sharing that feeling with my kiddos!


Something is in the air during the holiday season…


Sure the gifts are fun… but it is all of the other things that get me excited!

Spending quality memory making time with my kids! Love it!


This year… even though my kids know who Santa is, we are going to bring in

an Elf on a Shelf! Have you heard of this or maybe done it before? So many fun ideas on Pinterest for the “elf”, for me to miss out on this with the kids! I can’t wait! I’m trying really hard to wait a few more weeks before I get him out of the box. =)

How about you, are you in love with Christmas?  Have you started shopping?

Have a wonderful Monday!


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