It’s True…

by Jesse on November 13, 2011

Kids grow up too fast!

It’s true… the older you get the faster the time goes by.

We recently let Rhett set up an email address. {There is that growing up too fast thing again} My thinking was this was a great way to encourage him to want to read and practice writing. Of course this comes with a major set of rules. The good is certainly outweighing the bad. I get little emails like these. =)

{daddy helped with the spelling}

Yes, I will take his sweet messages as long as I can!

I realize that I have written the last few posts about Rhett, lol, sorry about that!

This one is really intended to give you some ideas of how to encourage your child to use those skills they learn in school. When it comes to my boys, sitting and writing just for fun isn’t something they jump to do. So trying to find things that interest them and encourage them to read and write can be challenging. Rhett has a few pen pals which is so great! He is so excited every time he gets to check his email and has a message. =)

Oh and one more little thing about Rhett…

He won 1st place in his first tournament of the year, over the weekend! It was his first medal ever and he could not be more excited! What a great moment it was!

{photo via my instagram feed}

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