Friday Night Musings

November 13, 2015

What a blessing it is to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. It’s easy sometimes to get sucked in to our own woes and forget our blessings. This week I’ve been really exhausted and had to push through getting up and making it through some long work days. But once I get to work […]

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Thanksgiving Traditions

November 11, 2015

I think we all have our favorite recipes we like to pull out at Thanksgiving time. One of ours is Pumpkin Pie that has a gingersnap and pecan layer just below the pumpkin filling. So so yummy! This year I came across a veggie new dish. It’s filled with everything I love! Brussel sprouts, pecans, […]

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Inspiration For Decorating Around Your TV

October 29, 2015

Fall weather always puts me in a nesting mood. Well, to be honest, I think just about every change of the season does! Ha! Lately, I’ve been focusing on our living room. I’ve reset the looks of our entry way and the styling atop our living room armoire. So naturally I am looking at the […]

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The Feels

October 18, 2015

There are so many reasons I love to read a good book. But I think my most favorite things is that reading makes me notice life in greater detail. How blue the sky may be one particular day. Or the way the sun shines through the trees casting shadows in an interesting way. Begging me […]

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Our Tiny Dancer

October 14, 2015

Our little gal is growing up so fast. She has always been one to bee bop around the house. (So like her mama… shhh don’t tell her.)  A few years ago she took a hip hop class just for fun. I think this just sparked her interest in dance. This last year she decided to […]

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Music Monday!

October 12, 2015

One of my favorite things to post on the blog. I don’t know about you, but music gets me through the day. I have it on almost constantly. Like a soundtrack to my days. Here are a few favorites that are on repeat. SOHN – The Wheel Halsey – Castle  Meg Myers – Lemon Eyes, […]

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Gallery Wall Do’s and Don’ts

September 27, 2015

Who doesn’t love a fabulous gallery wall? You all know I’m a fan, with the 35 frame wall in our home. Wishing I had room for at least 10 to 15 more frames! I have always loved breaking the rules a bit with a gallery wall. Who says things have to start mid wall and […]

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9 Years Old – Twins

September 13, 2015

Last month these two crazies turned 9 years old. Our annual birthday photo session was kind of a bust. We slow poked around so long we lost our good light. But I did manage to get a few good photos of them. Maybe we’ll try again soon.

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Bathroom Design

September 2, 2015

If I were remodeling a bathroom this is what I might do. Lot’s of classic pieces like subway tile and a vessel sink. While adding a hexagon shaped floor tile in a cool gray (cement tile) and a bit of brass in the light fixture. A rustic wood vanity lends a bit of charm and […]

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Our New Puppy

August 27, 2015

We have been thinking of adding a pet to our lives the last year or so and knew we wanted a Boston Terrier. Over last weekend I came across the cutest little guy so we decided to go for it.  The best part was that the kids had no idea they were getting a puppy. […]

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