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Chair Decisions

December 28, 2010

Do you remember this chair? Well I was all ready to go pick them up yesterday and now I’m not sure.The fabric is brown and a cream. Which is nice, but I am hoping to recover my couch in a charcoal fabric possibly. So do I really want that fabric? I’m going to have to […]

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Next Year

December 21, 2010
New Year

A project for next year. Unless I can squeek in one more crafty session before Friday. Aren’t these cute? Thinking I would make them a lot like I made the kids silhouettes for their room. {via} Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! It’s almost here! Christmas that is! xx

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Welcoming a new Sponsor

December 20, 2010
Welcoming a new Sponsor

Hi Friends, Hope you have had a lovely weekend. I wanted to welcome a new sponsor today. Jenny Collier Photography A little about Jenny: “I fell in love with photography during my wedding planning process. I was inspired by the photographers that were able to capture a story with pictures that portray relationships and personalities. […]

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December 17, 2010

It’s getting crazy close to Christmas. So I hope to get all of my shopping finished up this weekend. I have been wrapping as the UPS man brings them. I did lots of online shopping this year. It’s been wonderful to not have to fight the crowds. Hope you all have a nice weekend! {leblagh.com}

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Decorations at Our Home

December 16, 2010
Decorations at Our Home

I thought I might share what Christmas looks like around our house. This year we have been quite crafty. Which has been fun. {Felt Wreath} {Felt Christmas Trees} {sequins pinned to styrofoam ball} Some of my favorite things… A couple of years ago we purchased a white Christmas tree. This is the first year it […]

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Home Is

December 15, 2010

Home is a place where you can stretch out in the sun like a cat. {via}   Home is silly smiling faces.   Home is a day of crafting with my kids.   Home is where we strengthen our bonds.   Home is my refuge. {via} Home is Heaven on earth.

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A Little Sparkle

December 14, 2010
A Little Sparkle

Okay Friends, take a look at these. Such a pretty sparkle. (impressionen.de)

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Rip it all out

December 13, 2010
Rip it all out

Friends I have a hankering. Yep, a hankering to start all over. To buy a new home and gut the sucker. =) And make it new. Sounds fun to you too right? Here are a few inspiring photos to brighten your Monday. {emmas.blogg.se} {parlourhomeblog.com} Check out this backsplash. {desiretoinspire.net} {smallspacestyle.blogspot.com} Hope you have a wonderful […]

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December 10, 2010

Friends it’s been a full week, my cup runneth over. Enjoy your weekend. {via Kimberly Shaw} xx

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Q & A

December 9, 2010

Thank You all so much for the Birthday wishes for Rhett! He was tickled to death! This weeks Question is: Define your style in a photo. (Well I guess that’s not a question… oh well) You can use any photo, doesn’t have to be a interiors photo. This one happens to describe what I like […]

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