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Thanksgiving Recap :: 2013

Thanksgiving Recap :: 2013

by Jesse on December 4, 2013

One of my very favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Everything from family and food to that extra quality time. Adding to our yearly traditions. A couple of years ago we adopted a “Pie Breakfast” tradition. A very sweet friend of mine does this with her grown children. Because even if they might not be able to all always get together for dinner then they can at least get together for breakfast. I LOVE this, and love the idea of having my (someday) grown children coming over for coffee and pie.

Just incase you’re wondering, the above photo is a pumpkin pie. What makes it a bit different is a recipe I found via Souther Living a couple of years ago and it has since become my go to when making pumpkin pie. It’s so yummy! If your interested in the recipe go here.

So I was super excited to come across the cutest dessert plates while at Target one day. Especially since last year I had started adding gold to our holiday table setting.

Another fun addition to our table were the Thankful cards (download your own here). The kids had so much fun filling them out and sharing what they had written.  Something else new I tried this year was adding fresh cranberries inside the flowers I had purchased for the centerpiece. It was such a nice pop of color.

Of course I had my helpers…

Can’t have Thanksgiving without the chalkboard decorated.

Each year we make Christmas ornaments for the kids to hang on their own tree. This year I thought it would be fun to buy an ornament to have something that symbolizes what their interests are at the age they are now. We dated and added their names to the backs of their new ornaments. It was such a fun surprise for the kids! Since Rhett played his first year of football, he got a football ornament, Blair; a dancer, and Jude got a plane with Santa as the pilot. It’s safe to say that this will be a yearly thing I will be adding. I want my kiddos to have these fun memories to take with them when they grow up and have their own home and Christmas tree to decorate.

A special treat for me this Thanksgiving was that one of my very best friends who moved away a few years ago came into town! I love these two girls to pieces and am so thankful for such a wonderful group of ladies I can call friends!

I hope your holiday was filled with wonderful memories too. Bring on Christmas!


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