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The Genius And The Muse :: Book Review

The Genius And The Muse :: Book Review

by Jesse on August 3, 2014

I know I’ve talked a bit about my love of books, so I felt compelled to share a review on a book by Elizabeth Hunter. She is a fabulous writer! Some authors writing style really separates them from the rest, making you feel so much more. Truly being in the moment or feeling the emotion of a particular scene.

The Genius and The Muse spoke to me on so many levels. I suppose because if I were to have a dream job it would be to do something creative like the characters in this book. The way they see the world is so refreshing. Really strikes a cord with me. What a great community of friends too!

The story is of a girl, Kate, who is writing a thesis paper on an elusive, yet acclaimed photographer. Reed O’Conner’s work has captivated Kate, with it’s unique artistic perspective. As it turns out her professor /advisor, whom she is close with, and his circle of friends are also close friends with the enigmatic artist.

As she digs into the life of Reed O’Conner she becomes aware of a profound relationship he has with a woman named Sam. Each of the friends she interviews shares how the couple fed each other creatively. How their energy was dynamic and inspired  all those who were around them. How it fueled so much of their very best work. Despite all of the talk of the couple having an amazing chemistry, they are no longer together. Kate seems pulled to understand how two people who complete each other are no longer together, even though it goes far beyond what she needs to complete her thesis paper.

I adore this story and it is probably the best book I have read this year. With the exception of “The Singer”, also by Elizabeth Hunter. I highly recommend you check it out!

The Genius and The Muse – On Amazon


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