Time Capsule Ornament

by Jesse on December 1, 2011

I have been loving all of the dipped color trend.

Like dipped curtains…

Or dipped baskets,

and furniture!

So why not take that same idea and use it to dress up an ornament. You might remember last years Time Capsule Ornaments.  I asked the kids a series of questions. Fun things that years from now we will enjoy reading! I loved it so much I wanted to come up with another idea to capture their innocence. Because we all know they grow up too fast!

I always try to encourage love and friendship between siblings. So with this years ornament I asked each of the kids to tell me what they loved about their brother or sister!

So cute to see what they wrote about each other!

The challenge always becomes how to know whose ornament is whose. That is where the color dipping came in. Pink for Blair, turquoise for Jude and robin’s egg blue for Rhett!

I started with a clear plastic ball.

Rolled each note and tied it with ribbon.

Tucked it inside each ball.

Taped off the ball.

Then I painted each one.

I let them dry and put a total of two coats of paint on them. Then put a clear glossy coat so the paint wouldn’t scratch off. Plus, you know I like a little sparkle! =)

I was absolutely tickled to death with how these turned out!! Maybe my favorite decoration yet! As an added treat Josh and I each wrote notes to the kids telling them what we loved about them!


Happy Crafting!!


P.S. Over at The Hollie Rogue, I am offering a free print from my shop!! Check it out!

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