Bathroom Design

by Jesse on September 2, 2015

If I were remodeling a bathroom this is what I might do. Lot’s of classic pieces like subway tile and a vessel sink. While adding a hexagon shaped floor tile in a cool gray (cement tile) and a bit of brass in the light fixture. A rustic wood vanity lends a bit of charm and character to the otherwise classic space. Not to mention a zippy patterned shower curtain.


What do you think? Could you soak in the tub in this serene space?


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Our New Puppy

by Jesse on August 27, 2015

We have been thinking of adding a pet to our lives the last year or so and knew we wanted a Boston Terrier. Over last weekend I came across the cutest little guy so we decided to go for it.  The best part was that the kids had no idea they were getting a puppy. I am not a good secret keeper either. It was so hard not to tell them.

That morning I had the kids get up and get their school finished early. When I asked them to make sure their rooms were clean with nothing on the floors, they asked if someone was coming over.

Made me laugh out loud! They act like the only time we clean is if we are having company.

Josh had gone out to pick up our new little guy that morning. The plan was for him to call when he turned into the neighborhood.  As soon as he called, I lined the kids up in the living room and had them close their eyes. When I brought the puppy in and sat him in front of the kids, I barely had time to tell them to open their eyes before the puppy was running right for them. Blair squealed and squealed! So Much Fun!!

His name is Dutch and he has been such a little blessing. Though I do feel like I have a baby again. I’m tired! LOL!




Isn’t he a cutie?


Hey Jude

by Jesse on August 17, 2015

I love when I catch one of those photos of my kids that is destined to become a favorite.

When I came across this blue wall I wasn’t thinking how it would bring out Jude’s blue eyes. I was thinking how neat the staircase was and what a fun shade of blue was on the walls. It was just a bonus that it made his eyes pop.



16 Years of Marriage

by Jesse on August 12, 2015

I’m not entirely sure what I did to deserve such a hard working, loyal, handsome husband. But God has blessed me so. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 16 years together!


Pretty sure I’ve had a crush on him my whole life. A good childhood friend of mine and I would go and pick clover in his yard in hopes of catching a glimpse of him. I think we were about 12 years old at the time. Such silly girls.

Peak Family May 2015-105

Just the other night Josh and I were watching an entrepreneur and his wife do a periscope together. (Do you periscope? So cool!) They talked about what it takes to be a successful couple and things kept coming back to one point. That being dreams. Having goals and dreams together. Reaching and striving for them… together. Obviously things won’t always go according to plan so you adjust and continue the journey, together. As I think about some of the things that bind Josh and I together outside of our love for each other is our ability to dream together. I don’t think there has ever been a time that I tried to hold him back from a venture that he has wanted to go for. Likewise, he is an encourager. Any time I have had an idea or something I wanted to try he has  emboldened me to try them.

Lastly, he is my very best friend. One of the few people I can be completely myself around. He loves my quirks and for that I will be forever grateful.

Peak Family May 2015-82

Here is to 16 years Josh Peak! And to many many more. Love you bunches!



Cement Tile Obsession

August 5, 2015

Have you been seeing all of the gorgeous patterned tile floating around Pinterest? You may not know that most of them are cement tiles. As of late they are my very favorite thing! So many colors and patterns to choose from. And can spice up any space quite nicely. My favorites, of course, would be […]

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Wood Accessories – Wood Watches

July 22, 2015

Warm wood tones and white are my favorite combo right now. There is something so great about that organic feel that the wood tones bring to an otherwise neutral space. And though wood tones are still a neutral the texture and variation in colors really adds much needed depth. My love for wood tones doesn’t […]

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Design Books To Look For

June 29, 2015

I love a good coffee table book of home designs. Some of my favorites include Domino, Decorate, The Nesting Place, Design Sponge. This fall there are two new books that I will most definitely be adding to my collection. First up, is Styled by Emily Henderson. Her sense of style is right up my alley. […]

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Kitchen Vent Hood

June 21, 2015

When I think about remodeling our kitchen I am a frugal gal. So I’m thinking of all of the ways to rework something so it is new and fresh without costing big dollars. One of the items I’ve been pricing is a new vent hood. While lots of kitchens are going for the stainless steel […]

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Weekend Inspiration

June 6, 2015

Our paths are a blessing, even though at times it can seem hard. Every win is a victory and every struggle, a lesson learned. Knowing we are never alone when we lean on Him. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. xxoo Jesse

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Family Photos 2015

May 30, 2015
Peak Family May 2015-35

I’m a photo-aholic, admittedly. Forever capturing our memories and having them in print. I don’t think that is something you will ever regret spending your money on. This year long time friend Molly Thompson of Molly Thompson Visuals did our session. She was so much fun to work with. Blair got to be a part of […]

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